EUR/USD Meets Strong Support At 1.0625/15

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AUD/USD reverses from resistance at 7230/50 breaking support at 7150/30 to target 7060/50, perhaps as far as 7030/20.

Resistance at 7145/55. Shorts need stops above 7180.

NZD/USD breaks support again at 6450/30 for a sell signal targeting 6360/50, perhaps as far as 6300.

Strong resistance at 6430/50 and shorts need stops above 6470. A break higher targets 6490/6500, perhaps as far as resistance at 6530/50.

EUR/USD meets strong support at 1.0625/15. Longs need stops below 1.0595. A break lower is a sell signal targeting 1.0560/50, perhaps as far as 1.0520/10.

Longs at support at 1.0625/15 target 1.0675/85 for profit taking. Strong resistance at 1.0680/90 but shorts need stops above 1.0710.

USD/CAD shorts at the sell opportunity at 1.2650/70 unfortunately stopped above 1.2685 as the pair soar 160 pips. We should meet strong resistance at 1.2725/45. Shorts need stops above 1.2765.

First support at 1.2660/40. Longs need stops below 1.2625.

E-mini S&P JUNE collapsed 130 points from 4144. The break below strong support at 4050/40 targets 3990/80. On further losses look for 3960/55, perhaps as far as 3930/20.

First resistance at 4045/55. Shorts need stops above 4065. A break higher can target 4105/15.

NASDAQ JUNE breaks first support at 12410/370 and can target 12100/050, perhaps as far as 11900/850. Below 11800 look for 11600/550.

First resistance at 12400/450. Strong resistance at 12600/700. Shorts need stops above 12800.

E-mini Dow Jones JUNE collapsed through 32800/700 and support at 32380/330 targeting 32050/000. Further losses are possible as far as 31750/650.

We should have first resistance at 32350/450. Shorts need stops above 32550. A break higher can target 32750/800, perhaps as far as 32950/33000

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