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Metatrader indicator designed to better reflect the price movement, the non-lag moving average indicator is a successful replacement for the classic Metatrader moving average.
- Draws a non-lag moving average on the chart
- Uses 2 colors to better reflect the uptrend and downtrend
- Alerts the trader when the color/trend changes
The RobotFX nonLagMA indicator for MetaTrader is a non-lag moving average with the simple purpose to reflect the price movements better than the MetaTrader's default moving average indicator. Due to its formula, the nonlagma indicator can be used to determine the trend, as seen in the chart below (nonlagma 250), but also to find the trading entry levels based on the swings that the price makes (nonlagma 21).
This nonlanga indi can be used, by the experienced trader, as the only tool needed to trade with the trend, therefore eliminating the need of a messy trading chart. The indicator is used by some of our most profitable expert advisors, like Fluid or NonLagMA.
Forex trading chart showing how the nonlagma indicator is used
The nonlagma indicator settings are quite obvious (see the photo). To get started with it, all the trader needs to do is modify the nonlagma length. A higher number will make the indicator draw a smoother moving average (used to find the trend), whilst a smaller number will draw a sharper MA, that will better visualize the swing levels.
Nonlagma indicator settings in Metatrader
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You can download this Metatrader indicator free from here.