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Metatrader expert advisor designed to make scalping easier through a fast commands panel.
- Displays a trade management panel on the trading chart to make scalping easier
- Allows to open, set SL/TP and close (full or partial) trades with one click
- Manually draws lines/points on the chart to mark entries/exits or price moves
- Changes the chart candlesticks colors and the panel background color
The RobotFX Panel was designed to make scalping easier, although it can be used for any other kind of trading. The expert advisor draws a panel on the trading chart, where various information and actions are possible by simply clicking the panel buttons. By doing this, the trader can open a trade of a given lotsize, either long or short, or close that trade. There is also the posibility to close only the losing trades, winning trades or partially close an opened trade. This expert advisor can also place the stoploss/take profit by using the values (points) that can be set by the trader prior to clicking the Buy/Sell buttons.
Other functions of the Panel EA are the option to change the cnadlesticks colors, the panel background (light/dark), checking the connection with the broker's server, displaying price movement information (price/tick values). Besides all these, the trader can use the EA to faster draw lines/points on the chart without accessing the MetaTrader drawing tools, useful when needed to make price predictions and draw trades entries, price levels etc on the chart.
Panel  Expert Advisor Metatrader
Since everything is done through the panel itself, there are no other settings within the EA except for the posibility to display previously closed trades (extracted from the MT4's history).
Panel  Expert Advisor Metatrader
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You can download this Metatrader indicator free from here.