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Gotta find it funny these forex forums where same old trading strategies are re-invented and re-posted online. Every time is yet another trader Joe (and I suspect the forums admins/mods) starting a very popular thread that, in time, fades away just to be replaced with the next one. I find this amusing.
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It is also sad because I know that many of the forum members spend their lives chasing most of these 'money making' strategies, while never actually learning to trade and making money. They're stuck in this never ending chase for the holly grail.
A word of advice. It took me a year to learn how to trade profitably. This year I was doing nothing else but studying and trading demo and small accounts. I'm a slow learner so other people might need waaaaay less than a year. Anyway, my point is that you must start to learn one time. That, of course, if you also want to trade profitably.
...or, you can keep following topics such as "trading made simple", "thv", "thm" or whatever other fancy names trader Joes name their strategies of Forexfactory, Babypips etc.