Mega Trend

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Mega Trend is a simple MetaTrader trend indicator that uses the same settings as a normal moving average indicator, except that the moving average line is draw on the chart to better reflect the price move, making it much easier for the forex trader to observe and determine the trend and the price movements.
Mega Trend
Downtrend = yellow, Uptrend = blue
As seen in the chart above, the downtrend is emphasized by the mega trend indicator yellow color, while for the uptrend the Metatrader indicator changes its color into blue. Therefore, every time the price changes from uptrend into downtrend the trend indicator changes its color. The colors for both the uptrend and downtrend can be changed as well as the type and width of the trend line, so it will not interfere with the other visuals used by the trader.
Mega Trend
MetaTrader Mega Trend Indicator Settings
You can download this Metatrader indicator free from here.