MetaTrader Expert Advisors are trading tools that help forex traders reduce the time they usually spend analyzing charts and greatly increase their chance of success by comparing technical indicators and price information and trying to predict the price action

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Metatrader hedging expert advisor that can hedge an opened trade, therefore:
- prevent losses by placing a hedge order rather than a StopLoss
- close opposite orders at profit BreakEven (or any other amount)
- terminate losing trades and trail the winning trades on the chart


Renko Expert Advisors is a set of two EAs, Renko Chart and Renko Trader, that can successfully:
- build renko charts of any brick size (10 pips, 50 pips...)
- trade with the trend (buy in uptrend, sell in downtrend)
- confim the entries and manage the money and the opened trades


Heiken Ashi expert advisor with trend detector and advanced trailing options:
- use HA indicator to spot trend and enter/exit profitable trades
- manage lotsize/trades, StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop, BreakEven
- trails the price by Heiken Ashi, MA, PSAR, ATR, fractals indicators


Forex News EA trades according to the FX news chosen by the trader by:
- placing a defined number of opposite trades just before news release
- deleting opposite orders after the price hits a pending order (OCO)
- managing the opened trades


Metatrader trend trading all-in-one expert advisor capable to:
- detect the trend and trade accordingly (buy uptrend, sell downtrend)
- manage lotsize, place stoploss, trail the price, breakeven
- prevent and recover losses by hedging with the trend


Trailing Stop expert advisor that can trail the price by:
- pips (classic TS) and closed candles (chandelier)
- PSAR, ATR, Moving Average, Fractals indicators
- trails the price using a profit percentage


Traders Dynamic Index expert advisor that can trade with the trend:
- identifies the trend using the TDI (or Moving Averages)
- open/close trades based on TDI indicator (or MA)
- manage the LotSize, trail price, filter trading sessions


Price Channel Expert Advisor for MetaTrader trades within the support/resistance levels:
- draws a channel between the price higher-highs and lower-lows
- opens trades when the price bounces back from these lines
- manages the LotSize and the opened trades for maximum profit


MACD EA can trade with the trend defined by the MACD indicator:
- use MACD indicator to spot trend and confirm by Stochastic
- place StopLoss, TakeProfit, TrailingStop, BreakEven
- if trend reverses, close trades and open new ones according


The Stairsteps EA for MT4 is a Consolidation Zone BreakOut that is designed to:
- determine the conzolidation zones on chart
- open trades when the price leaves the CZ
- filter entries and manage the trades accordingly


The MetaTrader Grid expert advisor can trade following a grid trading strategy and:
- open grid trades following the trend (uses Stochastic and MA)
- manage LotSize, place StopLoss and Trailing Stops, BreakEven
- hedge grid trades also in grid strategy mode


Trade with the trend and hedge opened orders with the NonLagMA Expert Advisor:
- determine the trend and trade entries/exits using non-lag moving average
- manage lotsize, places stoploss, breakeven, manages lotsize, martingale
- hedges with the trend or a fixed recovery zone (Auto Recovery)

Why use ROBOTFX?

RobotFX gives away the best profitable Expert Advisors to automate trading, by following the most successful forex trading strategies. The RobotFX EAs, indicators and scripts can assist traders take the right decision when trading forex, futures or stocks. Our main purpose is to automate our proven profitable trading strategies and make them available to other traders.

While there's no such thing as 'holy Grail' when it comes to FX trading, our trading tools and expert advisors can help forex traders reduce the time they spend analyzing the charts and greatly increase their chance of success by analyzing technical indicators and price information and trying to predict the price action.


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I really like the way you perform. What an extraordinary job! It is rightly said that hard work never goes unpaid. No denying, there is no dearth of software companies all over the world but most of them fail to take the lead. You are an example for others who want to learn the lesson of honesty, dedication, selflessness and an absolute belief.

Ishal Ali
USIshal Ali

RobotFX has revolutionized online trading, since it is the most advanced autotrading software in the industry. RobotFX is an autotrading system, in which you only need to select the exposure level and the investment amount per trade, the rest is on us. You will have a technical support team at your disposal the whole year for you to ask any questions you wish. Results and support is what makes us different.

Tanvir Lipu
IS Tanvir Lipu

The RobotFX team always answered my requests and tried to help me. That means a lot and I highly recommend them for their prtofesionalism.

Watt Sloane
UK Watt Sloane

Useful expert advisors and great support team.

Alicia Silverstein
IL Alicia Silverstein
Food Blogger Israel

Excellent..!!! loved it and strongly recommend to you..!! very good product..!!

Abubakar Azeem
EG Abubakar Azeem

RobotFX's Fluid EA decreased my trading time from a few hours per day to 15'. I never believed trading forex can be so easy, and at the same time so boring lol. Mr Cruise, thanks for the support in learning how to use your expert advisor.

CN Alice


Trading profitably is not as hard as many would belive, but there are a few things to consider. Without these strict rules, trading can be hard or even unprofitable.


Whether you are a trend trader, speculating the news, trading consolidation zones or scalping, you MUST stick with that strategy until you manage to master it. Forum sites are full with newbie traders jumping from one to other "money making Holy Grails" that fail to work for them. The reason is simply because they expect fast returns, without even understanding the trading strategy behind it.


After finding your best trading strategy, follow it for a while until you make it profitable. Many traders give up a dissapointed by the strategy tester results. This was never meant to determine profitability, but functionality, simply because what happen in the past will most likely not happen again. You must trade with calm and improve your trading style.


Finally, you should automate trading. You might want to continue trading manually, and not use an expert advisor. This is generally fine, but you might also give up to your fears or temptations and exit or fail to manage a good trade. An expert advisor not only that it saves time, but it can also increase profitability and take the trades management stress from your shoulders.

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